Monday, 12 September 2011

HUMINT, September 2011, Vol. 2: new releases for gaming "moderns"

HUMINT = human intelligence. A new series of posts on my blog about news of various tabletop miniature producing companies concerning "moderns". The pictures were taken off the producers' catalogues with their prior permission. Cheers for that guys! Links to their webshops can be found within the right column of my blog (see sources for 20mm....).

S&S Models releases for September:

paramilitary or police type forces,

these have modern body armour and webbing and are armed with modern us weapons, m16a1's and m60 mg's

ladies from africa, sold in packs of 8 assorted

M106 mortar carrier with mortar and crew (S&S also sells another mortar variant - 107mm and 82mm are available)

bedford rl 4 ton gs

ural 375 gs truck

half figs to create drive-by shooters: the white spec ops, european criminal gangs or body guards...

the africans....

...and after last month's Iraqis - here the Afghans.

TheHobbyDen releases for September:

HMMWV shelter carrier

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