Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Standard Foot Soldiers" early tests (WIP)

!!! Click the pics to enlarge them !!!

Tiny little things. A first work in progress batch of House Kurita standard foot soldiers. Conventional infantry. These are re-based old Mechwarrior Dark Age infantry miniatures that were removed off their base (they come in groups of five per base) and based individually.
As you can see their new bases bring them into scale with my Mech forces.
This should give a good impression on how tiny they really are. Their base is the same coin (1 Euro cent) that I placed next to the SRM gunner. To the left you can see a WH40K Space Marine shoulder pad for scale...

I repainted all of them, using the coloured picture of a female Kurita trooper (found one in the Mechwarrior Roleplaying Game core rules) as a guideline. Sand coloured boots, a maroon coloured jumpsuit with leather coloured body armour and dark red shoulder pads / helmets. The tiny bright red dot on the shoulder pad is supposed to resemble the House Kurita badge of the Dragon.

And yes - I even painted some gloves. :-)

As you can see the little troopers still come with lots of detail: even backpacks and power cells for the support weapons like this shoulder-launched SRM of the trooper on the right.

These were only some test pieces. Tell me what you think, please!


Monty said...

Very impressive!

Lead Legion said...

They look great together. The scale works very well.

Jonathan said...

I always liked those old click-mech-minis, the details were amazing, and you certainly have done a great job showing it, your brush-fu is strong! :)

Arquinsiel said...

I have a whole stack of Davion infantry awaiting the same treatment. Somewhere.... they dissappeared a few years ago and haven't been seen since....