Monday, 4 February 2013

AVP: 1LT Campbell, Ripley and Sentry Guns

UA 571-C Remote Sentry Weapons System (EM4 Miniatures)
Pulse Action Machine Gun, 500 times 10mm x 28 HEAP rounds, IR and ultrasonic tracking unit as well as ambient light optics. 60° sensor cone, 360° sweep radius when set up.
"This area is off limits. We mean it."
Four of EM4 Miniatures' beautiful sentry guns. I didn't do anything to them, they were built out of the bag and placed upon Sulaco Series bases from Fenris Games. I tried to paint the lenses to reflect IR and ambient light sensors. Cute little things.

EM4 Miniatures' soldier to represent 1LT Campbell and Woodbine Miniatures' Ripley before entering the hive - all geared up for a fight.
Campbell with M4A3 pistol, Ripley with duct-taped combo of M240 Flamer, M41 "Pulse Rifle" and a PDL (Personal Data Locater) in order to find Newt.
Unlike Gorman, Lieutenant Campbell is a veteran - he prefers BDUs over formal uniform. Ripley also carries a bandoleer with spare 30mm HE grenades.
Not much to say about Ripley other than she's in a pissed off mood represented in that Woodbine Miniature. Its her just before she enters the Alien Hive on Acheron. The miniature actually shows all the gear Ripley took with her: Flamer, Rifle, Grenade spare ammo and the PDL she was using to locate Newt's whereabouts.
So who the hell is Campbell I hear you say?! Well, since I will need more than one squad of Marines I have to come up with another section that also needs to be lead by a Lieutenant. Campbell is the LT that was included in the 1997 AVP collectible card game. He and all of his Marines will be based upon those playcards. That will give me another set of 12 characters for the humans.

Stay tuned. More to come...(Ripley searches for Newt. Maybe she'll find her once I have painted the figure :-D )


Mojo said...

Looks like the Alien topic is really having a comeback on the blogosphere :)
I like your figures very much! Good job!

Pete Wilkins said...

again looks really good. now you just need to add newt.

The Worker said...

These are brilliant! Woodbine Design are rarely seen as far as I can tell and they are lovely figures. eM-4 do some cracking stuff too and your paintjob really does them justice.