Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Archer" finished

House Kurita's ARC-2K Archer - another repainted action figure
Minor reposing to resemble the look of the CBT scale plastic Archer.
Two LRM-15 launchers in the torso and two Large Lasers mounted in its arms.
Sashimono Samurai back banner and cherry blossom on the lids for the missile bays.
The action figure lacks a lot of the detail that plastic kit has, but at least its closer in scale with my other heavy Mechs.
Since my internet and phone line broke down last Friday evening I had a little time (read: no distraction) and spent it on the painting table, cleaning and priming 10 more 40k Space Marines and paint up the above. Ok, the Mech really only has gotten a quick paintjob without to many details being available on the miniature to begin with - but I kind of like it anyways. Maybe because I am an Archer fan?!

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