Monday, 24 January 2011

Dave Howitt of Britannia Miniatures - sad news have reached us

I came home this evening from work and didn't realise I was going to be shocked to hear sad news of Dave Howitt, owner and producer of Britannia Miniatures, having passed away on Saturday morning....

It was Friday, when Jenny Howitt, his daughter signed up at TheGuild wargamers forum to tell us about her dad having suffered a serious heart attack. Dave was brought to the hospital for treatment immediately and all of us were hoping for his speedy recovery.

Today however Jenny got back to us, telling us the shocking news of her dad's heart having been unable to cope with the damage and his passing on Saturday.

Dave was known by many as a guy always good to talk to about wargaming in general and his ranges of miniatures and vehicles are part of the collections of a lot of gamers around the world. He will be missed among us, as a friend and as a supplier, totally dedicated to the hobby.

Condolences go to his family (Jenny in particular for being strong enough to even find time and pass on the sad news) and friends. Rest in peace, Dave. You'll never be forgotten.

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Allan and Carmen said...

I wish I could have worded it better but I cannot.

Prayers and thoughts with Dave's family and friends. May all your memories be great ones!

The legacy he has left with us is a good one.