Monday, 10 January 2011

I promised and I shall deliver: scale shots, vol. 2

"Targe", "Ravager" and 18mm Modern US Rifleman next to a "Longbow" (actually its a toy action figure from 1994 called Spartan). I already modefied it, but its not shown above yet.. :-) It will have open missile bays showing the impressive arsenal when I am done. How that will look like? Com' on - you know where to look, dont't you?
"Targe", "Ravager" and 18mm Modern US Rifleman next to a "Warhammer" (old 1994 toy figure, I think its named Excaliber).
"Targe", "Ravager" and Mr-18mm-Pewter-stand-in-due-to-lack-of-15mm-having-arrived-yet-damn-you-German-postmans! next to an already modefied "Rifleman" (that used to be called Raidar X in 1994 when it was a toy) that will go to House Davion as the "3c" variant, which replaces its dual Heavy Laser + Autocannon/5 with one Autocannon/10 on each arm. I have so many toys that will be "Rifleman" Mechs one day, that I needed to come up with variants for a good mix. XD
And one of my favourites of all times: A "Crusader", next to "Targe", "Ravager" and ... yeah - it gets old now, doesn't it?! I have not a freaking clue who made this one, as I bought it second hand. I have more Mechs of these, all can be multi-posed as they have joints that allow dynamic poses. Oh boys, it's going to look soo cool when finished. If anyone knows who made these collectibles which can be re-posed, please tell me! I am trying to find out and will post my findings, should I have any success.


Arquinsiel said...

I think these will be a bit too big for you but....

Wasp LAMs.

Sgt. Scream said...

1/100 is way too big. But I have a few of these in 1/200 ;-)

Rupert Hammerton-Fraser said...

Try searching for "robotech macross gashapon" and you'll get results like this...


I've been inspired buy your blog, though I'm going down the 1:100/144/72 route as I'm used to 30mm 40K!

Cheer keep it up, Rupert.