Friday, 7 January 2011

Pre-paintjob pictures: Mechs, Battle Armor and how they compare to pewter miniatures...

Here we have the rebased and primed Mechs "Targe" (wizkids MW Dark Age), the "Kanazuchi" Battle Armor (MW Dark Age), the "Ravager" Battle Armor (MW Dark Age, it's the bigger ones) and a pewter figure of a Modern US Rifleman that is labeled being 18mm of size (it actually is - if you don't count the height of its stand). I unfortunately don't have any real 15mm figs yet. But I guess you'll get the idea. Most of my Mechs will be at least 3" tall. More than enough to look right next to 15mm figures. The "Kanazuchi" is tad small, but I only have four of them anyway.

This shot shows all eight Battle Armored troopers and the two Mechs. The first arrivals. More to follow soon. According to packet tracking, two more packets should arrive today (fingers crossed!!). EDIT: they already have. Not looked into them yet, will post pictures of the content later.
A close up of the "Ravager" suits. What appears to be a gatling MG actually is a multi-barreled light Recoilless Rifle. Mounted on top are dual missile launcher tubes, the left arm bears a Battle Claw. The latter should quite easily defeat armor of any vehicles in close combat.

House Kurita's pride: The "Kanazuchi" heavy Battle Armor. Mounting Short Range Missile launchers (l+r of the "cockpit"), a Medium Laser on the right and a Battle Claw on the left arm. These Veteran troops will defeat most of what the enemy might throw at them, apart from the heavier Mechs of course.
Painting will start soon. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

I take back my previous comment, they do work really well. Looking forwards to seeing these completed.

Sgt. Scream said...

Jim, you'll be sooo amazed when you see the rest of my mechs of the heavier categories. XD