Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Kanazuchi" Battle Armor and "Targe"

After Davion got its first Battle Armor infantry and a medium Mech, it was about time to paint up some of the opponents: House Kurita (Draconis Combine). The above shown "Kanazuchi" Battle Armor is one of the heaviest of the Inner Sphere and a Kurita internal design. It's a rare piece of kit. I took those off their original clicky-base (wizkids), re-based them on washers, which had a small hill of green stuff on top (for height) and gave them a full re-paint in camouflage.
The 40 ton Mech "Targe" is the same design as the one I painted for House Davion, but this one received the appropriate camouflage for an urban/woodland setting. First I wanted to paint the panel behind the MRM-10 warheads flat silver, but then decided to use the hazard stripes again. I think it was a good idea as it adds a bit of a highlight to the otherwise rather dark colours.
The back of the Battle Armor and Mech show the 3-tone-camo quite well. Also to be seen again: hazard stripes of the missile launchers. It takes forever to paint these but I totally like the final appearence of the vehicle and suits. Note sure if it really sticks out on the pics but a close look of the "Kanazuchi" reveals an armour design, that looks like ancient Samurai battle-plates. I was surprized when I first noticed it.
Another nice shot of the camouflage pattern. The red "dots" on the Battle Armor's shoulder are supposed to be the emblem of the Draconis Combine. Please note that I still haven't gotten my decals - so basicly the figures shown are not yet finished totally.
I was undecided whether to paint the cockpit glass in red/orange as I did with House Davion's stuff or go with a purple/blue mix for the "jewelling". I chose to use the blue tones - I hope that looks alright.

Next units in the pipe: 4x "Ravager" (Davion's second squad) and a "Rifleman" as well as a "Longbow".


inrepose said...

Inspiring work - I need to a kick to get some of my own work painted! How much time did it take to remove from the clik base and paint up?

Sgt. Scream said...

I didn't remove THEM from the base, I removed the clicky stuff and left the actual base in place. Painting took about one afternoon as I am really slow. I don't have hours to paint usually, so I do some strokes with my brush here and there over more days in a row.

K Dunne said...

They're really nice looking. Love the colour scheme.