Thursday, 27 January 2011

A word on the things to come

I thought I just give you guys a heads-up about what will be on the painting table next.
  1. I received some S&S modern German Army soldiers that will act as my dismounts for a KSK Serval - they'll get head-swops for having the look of soldiers covering their faces with a Shemagh.
  2. I have some elhiem Figures inbound to cover the missing positions of medic (US Army and one for the USMC), a point-man with Shotgun (one Army, one USMC), a sniper team for my German Bundeswehr (Shooter and Spotter), TOW Gunner (for some HMMWVs), gunners for .50cal (HMMWVs) and some other stuff that still needs to get finished for Iraq 2003+.
  3. Finally - the decals have arrived for House Davion and House Kurita. The already finished models will get those applied soon.
  4. The "Rifleman" is almost done, pictures to follow soon (weekend maybe, if I am quick).
  5. Two HMMWVs for the USMC and one for the US Army will be finished soon. Pics to follow.

Other than the above list of the very next stuff to arrive for painting, I am very happy about the increase in "hits" onto this tiny little blog. When I wrote my new year's greetings the page had 19.800 something "hits".

We are not yet in February of this year and I just broke through 24.000 !!! That's 4000 times people visiting my blog in less than a month. I am speechless and feel honoured.

Please, keep your comments coming. I share my work to receive feedback. Thanks, to all of you.

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