Wednesday 3 November 2010

Into the Ancient world... or: a small update

Hi there,
just wanted to chime in and tell you that I am not dead, nor did I stop painting and assmebling anything. :-)
Actually, I recently just had enough of painting camouflage and assembling tanks and needed a change of the wargaming subject. While I will of course and without a doubt continue to show off with "moderns" I have now also to announce another project I got into: Warhammer Ancient Battles (aka WAB).

Again, just as with my ongoing "moderns" my Ancient armies will be entirely consist of 20mm miniatures. I have found that plastics available from Italeri, Zvezda, HäT, Esci etc. are brilliantly detailed, have little to no flash and look just awesome when painted.

So, stay tuned - there will be pics soon from Early Republican Romans and Celtic Tribes (mostly Gaul and Germans) in 20mm.