Sunday 14 December 2014

A project of epic dimensions: battle suit cadre

After way too much time since the last post here is the completed Crisis Suit Cadre:

5 units of Battle Suits, one upgrade to a Shas'el Commander (for a total of six), Shas'O Supreme Commander up front.

Shas'O (haven't come up with a good name yet - any suggestions?)
The whole units is made with Onslaught Miniatures, except the two commander's shield drones which are Forgeworld's.

The Tau lettering on the back banners is made with parts from old WH40K decals sheets.

I probably spent too much time on these tiny figures, but I am always satisfied when it paid off ;-)

The amount of detail that Onslaught has put on the miniatures is just stunning. I love them.
The Shas'el Commander, leading the Battle Suit Cadre.

Given the close combat weapon that he was modelled with, it probably also could be used for Commander Farsight - but I have no intentions to do so.