Saturday 27 August 2016

A project of epic dimensions: Tau Orca dropship

After painting quite a lot of blue recently (cultists) and being tired of red for some time (Blood Angels for Space Hulk) I have returned to Epic figures for a change. I've been painting around on this dropship since Thursday evening. Man, I am not sure if this thing really came from Forgeworld. The resin colour was odd (rather yellowish) and it was brittle like hell. I had to put some greenstuff in here and there and yet it looks rather aweful. I am not too proud on the paintjob, it looks rather sloppy compared to my normal standard - but it will do the job on 6mm.

Sunday 7 August 2016

Anvil Industries Cultists

I finished a few cultists made by Anvil Industries. Unfortunately the close combat weapon armed ones are no longer in production. Yet, I got my hands on some of them. These can be anything - from Cawdor gangers in Necromunda over Genestealer cultists all the way to Tzeentch chaos cultists. I think they will come handy in some games.