Friday 20 January 2017

Cukoo's Afghanistan gaming table for "Szenario 2017" convention

Let me introduce you to this post with a little background story as to why I share this in my blog:

when I came accross Cukoo's work (his real name is Torsten), I was impressed how much of all those little details he tried to catch from Afghanistan's scenery and implement it to this display table for a convention. That was before it was fully finished and before I saw any of the vehicles or troops he had ready to be played with. Once he had finished his work, the convention took place and Koppi (Andreas) went there to take a lot of pictures to write a review about how it went.

On various websites that I am member of the pictures were shared and that's how I ended up with seeing those Little Bird helicopters on that gaming table. Looking closer they looked exactly like the ones I once built (see here: Little Bird conversions ).  Since I had sold those last year I immediately thought - wow! Those are mine and they found a new home on that spectacular gaming table.

Yesterday evening I was told by Cukoo that my posts about that build were the inspiration for his versions. While these are not my old ones but exact copies, he also told me that my helicopters found a new home not too far away from him. I am happy that people actually use them. In my case they spent a time way too long on the shelves. 😊

Anyway, here are the pictures from Koppi's blog (Andreas) about the convention: