Sunday 22 April 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy "Kit Fox" A

Another update on Clan forces. This Mech is more or less a test piece. I tried the paint scheme for Beta Galaxy with the paints I had at home (a mix of GW, Vallejo and oil paints) only to see how it would turn out. It's not the best miniature - a re-painted Mechwarrior miniature - but I am pleased with the choice of colours. Looks as expected (at least to me).
30 tons of Clan OmniMech power

The Kit Fox is a light Clan OmniMech with long-range combat as a primary focus, earning it the Inner Sphere codename of Uller, after the Norse god of archery.

Alternative configuration "A" as shown on the miniature carries a Gauss Rifle. A pretty nasty surprise given the weight of the Kit Fox.

The other arm carries two Medium Lasers. Those are powerful enough to deal damage in significant amounts.

Back detail of the torso. I decided to put the Mech on top of some rocks to increase its height. For my opinion it was too tiny compared to other light Mechs i have in my collection.

The Kit Fox A in comparison to the Elemental point I had finished recently.

Friday 20 April 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy "Elemental" point

Clan Wolf, Beta Galaxy Elemental Point.

My first clanner unit are a Point (5 troopers) of elite infantry in Elemental battle armor. Repainted and re-based Elementals from Mechwarrior Clix.

Elementals are the armored infantry troopers of the Clans. Elementals are genetically bred to be the largest and strongest of the three common Clan warrior phenotypes. They wear battle armor that gives them tremendous strength, protection, and mobility. The armor also allows groups of Elementals to damage, or even destroy, 'Mechs. Elementals are some of the best soldiers in existence. They follow difficult training, which differs from one Clan to another. Only a few members of each sibko "test out" to become true Elementals
A size comparison with regular infantry of the Inner Sphere (Kurita trooper):

The Point Commander (with Clan Wolf decal to identify him during gameplay)

Elementals carry a SRM-2 rack on their back, jump jets and a main weapon system. The latter mostly consists of either a (light) Laser or a (heavy) machine gun, depending on mission.

The other arm has a manipulative BattleClaw that is strong enough to tear armor plates off any vehicle, even a Mech. Mounted on the same arm are small arms, mostly a SMG or an assault rifle.

The SRM rack

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: a shadow of the things to come

They came from beyond known space. They came for only one reason: total domination of the Inner Sphere. They seem to be unstoppable.

More of the unknown enemy as soon as the first ones leave my painting table to encounter the defenders of the Houses Davion and Kurita.

The first ones are assembled and some are in the final phase of painting.

Infantry and BattleMechs® - in N-scale of course. 

Saturday 7 April 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "mortar team"

Not really a big update today. I have finished one of the infantry specials for Kurita - a mortar team. I love to base weapon teams on a larger base instead of single bases for every team member. That's an exception to my normal habits, but allows to build small diorama-like scenes.

Once again these are re-based Mechwarrior Dark Age minis. The base is an 5 Eurocent coin.

a medium mortar plus crew of two.

I am going to add a few of those infantry specials to each of my armies. There should be snipers, combat engineers etc. soon.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Portable Laser Platoon" foot soldiers

Welcome to Tomorrow's War infantry entry number two for this month: House Kurita's infantry now has a platoon of Laser weapons to deploy.

The standard size of an infantry platoon within the Inner Sphere is 28 men. How they are spread among the platoon you can see below:

Kurita Portable Laser Squad, 7 troopers. There is three such squads in a platoon. They are all equipped the same.
Fire team 1: rifle, light support weapon (blazer), semi-portable laser.
Fire team 2: rifle, rifle, light support weapon (blazer). The NCO would attach himself to one of the fire teams.
Kurita Portable Laser Support Squad, 7 troopers. There is one such squad in a platoon. Instead of the NCO its lead by a junior officer that directs the whole platoon in combat.

Fire support team 1: rifle, light support weapon (blazer), heavy semi-portable laser.

Fire support team 2: rifle, light support weapon (blazer), heavy semi-portable laser

The heavy semi-portable laser weapon system requires at least two men to carry it. It is quite heavy due to its power cells.

While not the fastest weapon to deploy after movement, in a good fire position it poses a great threat to enemy armored units.

To save weight, it does not have cooling systems. Instead the weapon fires with alternating barrels to reduce problems of overheating in battle. The gunner aims and fires it remotely by targeting with his binocculars.

Sunday 1 April 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Davion's "Towed Gauss Rifle" Field Guns painted

Its April and here we go with another update for Davion: The 3rd Crucis Lancers' infantry (6th Crucis Motorized Infantry Regiment) is now backed-up with heavy firepower. A whole platoon of Gauss Rifles that can be towed into battle and deployed to overcome the armor of most enemy units.

These are Mechwarrior Dark Age repaints mounted on coins (5 Eurocent).

The whole platoon and their field guns. Note that the missing troopers are considered to be the crew of the towing vehicles.
Details of the Gauss Rifle. I wanted the barrel look like the magnetic field accelerators are active.

The crew member aiming the gun does so with a computer. He has a flat screen to zoom onto target and get his sights on.

The whole gun is protected by a large shield to give some protection from small arms fire.

A Mk.1b "Chevalier" light tank tows the Gauss Rifle into battle.

Gun detached and deployed, ready to engage.

The Federated Suns emblem is a decal from the same sheet that I use for my Mechs.