Tuesday 29 September 2015

Battletech turn based PC game Kickstarter went live

So, its finally online: the Kickstarter project for a new turn-based PC game (also for Mac and Linux) set in the Battletech 3025 era. It's gonna take a little while, but I am really looking forward to this

battletech Kickstarter project link

Monday 21 September 2015

1st Jaguar Guards Command Star finished, group shot

The completed Command Star:

From left to right:

Star Colonel Fryne in a "Dire Wolf (Daishi) Prime"
Mechwarrior Nelson in a "Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) Prime" 
Mechwarrior Velika in a "Storm Crow (Ryoken) Prime"
Mechwarrior Traine in a "Hellbringer (Loki) Prime" 

Mechwarrior Marva in a "Mad Dog (Vulture) Prime"

Sunday 20 September 2015

1st Jaguar Guards Command Star "Loki" Mech

Today I have put final touches onto my "Loki" Mech for the 1st Jaguar Guard's Command Star.

With all five miniatures painted, that one is completed. Here are  a couple of shots from the miniature (old Ral Partha sculpt)..

Sunday 13 September 2015

1st Jaguar Guards Command Star "Daishi" Mech

Another week has passed, another Mech has been finished. This time its one more plastic figure from the old Citytech boxed set (2nd Edition). The "Daish" is the heaviest Mech those clanners are going to throw against the defenders of House Kurita.



Monday 7 September 2015

1st Jaguar Guards Command Star "Vulture" Mech

The last weekend was busy. I had to attend various family related visits and Sunday also is our regular 40k gaming afternoon. Nonetheless, with no further delay here it is: another Mech for my Smoke Jaguar forces, a "Vulture".

Actually, this is a kitbash of the old Ral Partha arms and legs, combined with the newer re-sculpt parts of Iron Wind Metals' Vulture (centre torso, left and right missile bays).

How do you like it?

400,000 views - what's going to come in the future

Hi everybody. So, I came home today and here it is: 400,000 views on my humble little blog about miniatures and gaming...

Thanks a lot to each and every one out there, the followers as well as those that do return every now and then without actively following my progress. I really appreciate your comments, so keep them coming, please! ^^

What am I going to release in the future? Well, you can expect at least more of those three topics in the near future:

-more Classic Battletech and Alpha Strike,
-more 40k Rogue Trader
-Aliens Vs Predator Board Game.

Work on diverse 20mm projects is at a hold at this moment since I cannot work too many projects at once. But there will be a return onto those subjects, too!

My best wishes to all of you,