Saturday 22 November 2014

A project of epic dimensions: battle suits test piece

"Crisis" battle suit team

First test piece for my battle suit teams
Ok, taking the time that passed since my last post, others would by now probably have finshed the entire formation or more. :-)

But spare time to paint is something that I would really need more of. This is my first test piece of a unit of "Crisis" battle suits, again produced by Onslaught Miniatures.

What do you guys think?

Sunday 9 November 2014

A project of epic dimensions: armored transports

After real life has taking its toll over the last couple of days, progress was rather small. Nonetheless, core formation #1 has been finished by now, with painting its transport tanks.

Again, these are models by Onslaught Miniatures which will "count as" Devilsfish transports.

The core formation of "Firewarriors".

I have raised the whole tank (which is a skimmer) with stripes of plastic card.
Not sure if the large recesses on the side panels are supposed to be windows but I decided to paint them as such.
Even the rear ramps have vision slits.
I didn't go with camo on those transports but I was thinking about adding some to the battle tanks that share the same chassis.

Saturday 1 November 2014

A project of epic dimensions: tiny little "Firewarriors"

So, here they are: my first ever painted 6mm miniatures. Six bases of Tau Firewarriors, using proxy models by Onlsaught Miniatures and a Forgeworld Ethereal (+drones) upgrade.

Ethereal and shield drones
I have added some flock to create little bushes.
Start of my infantry forces for Epic Armageddon.

Their transport tanks are going to be next in line for painting.