Saturday 28 December 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Stalker" arrived

Finally... the Beast has arrived! 85 ton "Stalker". I got four copies of this huge Mech, this one goes into line with my 1st Sword Of Light Kurita forces, one will be 3rd Crucis Lancers RCT (Davion), one 1st TYR Regiment of Rasalhague and one is going into House Steiner's service. *evil grin*

Sunday 22 December 2013

More Alpha Strike!

Me and the best mates were meeting again today to have our usual Sunday-afternoon battle. Since Alpha Strike was well received, we picked to play with our Mechs again.
One of my friends hasn't played AS yet so he was eager to give it a try. I decided to let the boys handle my two painted armies and acted as advisor/referee - in other words, I had to flick through the rules if we didn't know something :-)
Anyway, the same figures as last time were used and Kurita once again kicked Davion's a$$. I did not take pictures throughout the whole match but here are some for fun anyways:

Monday 16 December 2013

Alpha Strike!

Kurita vs. Davion, bringing all IS units that have been finished so far

Best mate and myself have enjoyed our first game of Alpha Strike today. We love it. We already like CBT very much but this is just awesome. Alpha Strike enables us to play with large quantities of Mechs (even in our bigger scale) without too much book keeping.

We brought all units that I had painted up so far, in total 135 vs 136 points.


Kanazuchi Battle Armor
Hatamoto Chi



After two or so rounds: both sides closing in on each other
Davion's Raven spotting for Longbow indirect LRM attack: my Kurita Locust gets a shower of high explosive love :-(
My Warhammer gets if from all sides. Banshee, Goliath and a recon lance pounding it with fire.
Zeus and Warhammer get into position to await my Atlas' assault on the center frontline.
A Davion Stinger jumped over the building in an attempt to kill the Whammy (one inner structure point remaining) but missed its shot! My Warhammer returns the favour and blasts it to pieces.
My attempt to stop the LRM fire attacks of the Crusader end with my recon Locust being shot to a burning wreck.
My assault and heavy mechs keep up the pressure, steadily advancing.
The city turns into a scrapyard: my Rifleman gets shot by the Banshee but in turn headshots (rolled 12 on critical hits!) the Zeus :-)  A little later the Banshee gets wasted by the Atlas.
Having taken out the Banshee and Zeus on the right flank, my center force is backed up by Hatamoto and Atlas. Ready to steam roller attack the Davions.
Kanazuchi Battle Armor got casualties by Raven fire and is wiped out by Crusader missile strike.
The Atlas walks through the Davion line and leaves behind burning hulks of twisted metal. My Archer got missile bombed by Longbow and Crusader and killed with the final shot: by a Locust!
The game ended with a Kurita victory. Last Mechs standing on my side: Atlas (nearly fresh), Longbow (heavily dented), Warhammer (only held together by sheer willpower), Stinger (only one point of structure). Mechs on Davion side still standing: none.

Can't wait for the next weekend for another match!