Sunday 30 June 2013

Where is the painted stuff, Chris?

Random musings - or - why aren't there any updates, Scream?

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers. Some of you might have asked themselves why the post count on my blog became increasingly fewer and fewer over the recent weeks. That's due to two reasons: new job and my other major hobby: festivals!
Numero Uno - the new job. It's an entirely new field of working, some sort of job like I never did before (I have a craftsman background, now its an office job). Its taking its time to get used to and my painting mojo was not really that high within the last two months either.

And then number two: festivals. Over here in Germany the festival season is in full swing. And if its heavy metal or medieval folk rock/pagan or viking metal then we (that's me and the mates) just can't let it pass without going there to have a good time.

So, instead of painted miniatures something entirely new on this blog: real people :-)

Me and the mates. Btw, I am the guy with the black hat on the far right side.
Rapalje - covering Manowar's "The crown and the ring" !
 Give me a cup of (ice) coffee and no one gets hurt!
"Victor and his demons" are going to town...
Naseweis Met (mead) - what would we have done without you? Probably have gone home with more money still in our pockets... :-)
Thank god - finally some normal people.
Eluveitie. If you don't know them - check out this video
Oh, and before I forget: there are at least a few new painted miniatures. But since they are for Warhammer 40,000 you'll have to check out my other blog, too:
Stay tuned, more miniatures to follow soon. :-)


Friday 21 June 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Rifleman" finished

House Kurita's 60 ton "RFL-3N Rifleman" ready for action. Another repainted ExoSquad action figure.
Business end: two Imperator Class A AC/5s and two Magna Mk. III Large Lasers.
I added a samurai flag and cherry blossom paintings to make the Rifleman fit in with my other Sword Of Light Mechs.
Having only 10 heat sinks, the RFL-3N is inadequate for constant fire. Most of its dissipating heat is vented on its back, using large grilles.

Saturday 1 June 2013

AVP: Alien Eggs test

Some test models for my Alien eggs. I tried to drybrush them with different shades of brown and added glue to the opened one to simulate the "goo". These models won't win prices but they are good enough for gaming.
Resin models by Dark Art Miniatures (Alien Birthing Pods).