Friday 25 November 2011

WWII Special Rules from 1st Edition Force on Force

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Friday 25 November 2011, 03:36

First Edition Force on Force included special rules for adapting the game for use with WWII scenarios. These sections were omitted from Second Edition (the “Osprey” edition), in which we chose to focus entirely on post-war, modern combat. We’ve received a constant stream of requests to post these rules up so that players with the new edition of the rules could also use them.

Well, here they are!

Here’s a couple of important caveats to bear in mind with the use of these rules:

1. These rules have not been modified in any way from their 1st Edition format. You may find that you need to make some modifications to use them with the 2nd Edition of the rules.

2. The rules presented here may or may not be carried over for use in an upcoming Ambush Alley Games WWII rule set.

With those comments aside, ENJOY!

- The Crew at Ambush Alley Games.

Saturday 19 November 2011

Generic Iraqi Force: Infantry support weapons

A couple of days ago another packet arrived at my home. Mark T. has sent back to me all of my Iraqi Gun crews - a mix of S&S and RH Liberation Miniatures. He was tasked to paint them to standards as he did with my Republican Guard last year. I completed the miniatures by adding a few details here and there, putting tufts etc. on bases and finally built and painted all weapon systems they are going to man. Thanks for your help, mate!

Iraqi Gun Crew #1: RH Liberation minis with RH Liberation Type 63 towed (Chinese) 107mm rocket launcher.
Iraqi Gun Crew #2: RH Liberation miniatures with RH Liberation SPG-9 73mm Recoilless Rifle

Iraqi Gun Crew #3: RH Liberation miniatures with MAC 1/72 Soviet mortar (plastic piece that comes with their UAZ jeep)

Iraqi MANPADS team: Soviet-built SA-7 Grail (IGLA) gunner (RH Liberation) with spotter (S&S Models)

Iraqi DshK team: Gun crew and DshK by RH Liberation, additional team member by S&S Models.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

I saw a sign.... The Road To Baghdad: Iraqi Highway Signs

Force On Force's first supplement is called "Road To Baghdad". I am in need for more Iraqi looking terrain. I thought an "actual" road to Baghdad would just do, especially as it is used in some scenarios/missions.
Task Force 1-64 on its way to Baghdad.

I made the highway signs using styrene profiles and sheets from Evergreen.

The actual signs came from a decal sheet from TheSquare. They were applied onto 1mm styrene sheet and then glued into place.

This layout only displays a fast scene I set up for the pics. The gaming table for the scenarios will be twice this size to give the Americans a challenging distance to travel while being attacked from left and right.

These road signs aren't exactly in scale as they are from Verlinden's range for dioramas in 1/35.

Nonetheless I think they fit just fine.

Another shot of the Verlinden variant.

The roads are from ESLO terrain of Germany. Lamp poles are 1/87 H0 scale and the telegraph poles from Italeri.

TF 1-64 scanning for targets.

Just another generic shot from the miniature's perspective. :-D

More terrain to come...

Sunday 13 November 2011

Generic Iraqi Force: BMP-2 with anti air gun

After a long time I finally painted some 20mm stuff again. I hereby present my Iraqi BMP-2 with 23mm twin anti air gun. I used a mixture of wargaming models for this kit-bash.

Back view of the RH Liberation BMP-2 chassis.
Detail shot of the crew and ZSU-23-2 from S&S Models. The gun shield was made from styrene sheet. The figures were painted for me by Mark Taylor.

I went with a worn&torn look, using oil paints, paint chipping techniques and weathering powders.

Added some markings here and there to add a little colour.

It even got a liscence plate ^^

Saturday 12 November 2011

Your chance to give feedback on map size / figure photos size and amount

Ok guys, so here we have a chance to change something for the better (if you deem it necessary):

vote in this poll at Ambush Alley Games' forum, please. All feedback is welcome.

Are there enough pics of painted eye-candy (miniatures) in our supplements? Are they big enough? yes / no?

Do the maps for the scenarios need to be bigger on the appropriate pages within the book? yes / no?

Sunday 6 November 2011

HUMINT, November 2011, Vol. 1: new releases for gaming "moderns"

HUMINT = human intelligence. A new series of posts on my blog about news of various tabletop miniature producing companies concerning "moderns". The pictures were taken off the producers' catalogues with their prior permission. Cheers for that guys! Links to their webshops can be found within the right column of my blog (see sources for 20mm....).

Elhiem Miniatures (now also has Wartime in stock):

3rd November
New releases out now as listed by Matt himself:

Wartime Miniatures:
Bushmaster models - limited stock
New CIV2 and CIV3 sets replace old sets. I still have 2 sets of CIV3 left if you want them.

US01 02 and 03 - Modern US Army I also have US05 but, only 2 sets so first come first served!

MA7 and AVC are both vehicle crew for modern
AFVLBW5 and 6 are new

Elhiem Figures:

NAT01 Generic G3 riflemen
BW01 West German G3 Riflemen

DR03 East Germans (reworked weapons)

US 2000+:
IOT03 The Third fire team of US Army in IOTV armour.

SF10 Devgru Command team
SF11 Special Forces Support team

Somalia Day of the Rangers:
DEL02 Delta Force Fireteam
DEL03 Delta Force littlebird snipers and bench seats

VC01 New range of Viet Cong