Saturday, 19 November 2011

Generic Iraqi Force: Infantry support weapons

A couple of days ago another packet arrived at my home. Mark T. has sent back to me all of my Iraqi Gun crews - a mix of S&S and RH Liberation Miniatures. He was tasked to paint them to standards as he did with my Republican Guard last year. I completed the miniatures by adding a few details here and there, putting tufts etc. on bases and finally built and painted all weapon systems they are going to man. Thanks for your help, mate!

Iraqi Gun Crew #1: RH Liberation minis with RH Liberation Type 63 towed (Chinese) 107mm rocket launcher.
Iraqi Gun Crew #2: RH Liberation miniatures with RH Liberation SPG-9 73mm Recoilless Rifle

Iraqi Gun Crew #3: RH Liberation miniatures with MAC 1/72 Soviet mortar (plastic piece that comes with their UAZ jeep)

Iraqi MANPADS team: Soviet-built SA-7 Grail (IGLA) gunner (RH Liberation) with spotter (S&S Models)

Iraqi DshK team: Gun crew and DshK by RH Liberation, additional team member by S&S Models.


Paul said...

Beautiful work, the detail is amazing.

Dangerous Brian said...

Very, very nice.