Sunday, 13 November 2011

Generic Iraqi Force: BMP-2 with anti air gun

After a long time I finally painted some 20mm stuff again. I hereby present my Iraqi BMP-2 with 23mm twin anti air gun. I used a mixture of wargaming models for this kit-bash.

Back view of the RH Liberation BMP-2 chassis.
Detail shot of the crew and ZSU-23-2 from S&S Models. The gun shield was made from styrene sheet. The figures were painted for me by Mark Taylor.

I went with a worn&torn look, using oil paints, paint chipping techniques and weathering powders.

Added some markings here and there to add a little colour.

It even got a liscence plate ^^


Engel said...

Great work.

Thomas said...

Very nice. Me like it ;)


Mark said...

Very nice. Maff and I each built a BMD version.


Gunbird said...

Nice one. Working on the MT-LB variant myself.

WarRaptor said...

Very nice, Scream