Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I saw a sign.... The Road To Baghdad: Iraqi Highway Signs

Force On Force's first supplement is called "Road To Baghdad". I am in need for more Iraqi looking terrain. I thought an "actual" road to Baghdad would just do, especially as it is used in some scenarios/missions.
Task Force 1-64 on its way to Baghdad.

I made the highway signs using styrene profiles and sheets from Evergreen.

The actual signs came from a decal sheet from TheSquare. They were applied onto 1mm styrene sheet and then glued into place.

This layout only displays a fast scene I set up for the pics. The gaming table for the scenarios will be twice this size to give the Americans a challenging distance to travel while being attacked from left and right.

These road signs aren't exactly in scale as they are from Verlinden's range for dioramas in 1/35.

Nonetheless I think they fit just fine.

Another shot of the Verlinden variant.

The roads are from ESLO terrain of Germany. Lamp poles are 1/87 H0 scale and the telegraph poles from Italeri.

TF 1-64 scanning for targets.

Just another generic shot from the miniature's perspective. :-D

More terrain to come...


Thomas said...

Very nice. Me like it :)


Remco said...

Those signs do look good, give the right atmosphere to the road!

Paul said...

These are great, nice work.

Disgruntled Fusilier said...

Terrain looks great! Having been there myself, I can tell you the signs are PERFECT! I have pictures of my Battery's vehicles on Route "Tampa" (Iraq Highway 1) and your TF 1-64 signage is dead-on - takes me back to the sandbox!

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

Thanks, Steven!

Pawn Cocktail said...

Fantastic scenery & miniatures, very atmospheric!