Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Atlas" WIP part 1

Time for an update. Had some time to paint due to being sick at home. :grin: It's not yet finished though....

I always wanted to finish one force before beginning to paint the next one - however, I just couldn't resist painting the mightiest of all Inner Sphere Mechs: The "Atlas". And boy, it is HUGE. :shock: 
 A sashimono (back banner) has been added, taken from a 1/72 Zvezda Samurai warrior. The Kurita crest is a decal, the kanji are written using a fineliner. The Sword Of Light regiment's warriors are strictly following the code of the Samurai - as such, I wanted them to look a little like their ancient forefathers. The shoulders looked a little empty so I added a cherry-blossom painting on both sides.

 A little bit of warning decals here and there to break up the overall red appearance. Back details of the fusion reactor core and heat sinks.

 I wasn't sure if the strictly red paintjob of the Sword Of Light regiment will please me at the size of an N-scale Mech, but now as the job is nearly done, I really like the look.

 The side reveals another detail bit I added: the Autocannon/20 barrel was extended with a barrel from a Wh40k Meltagun.
This kit is an (all-metal) so-called Museum Scale Mech from Ral Partha Europe. I converted it a little bit though, adding a few bits here and there.