Sunday 16 June 2019

AVP: Unleashed - WY container painted

I've been busy painting this weekend, turning an old AT43 container into some heavily weathered AVP terrain. More of those in various colors to come in the future.

Monday 10 June 2019

Tuesday 28 May 2019

AVP: Unleashed - Yautja drop pod arrived

My Predator drop pod has arrived. Another garage kit by Shaun Allen cast in resin. While it doesn't really serve any in-game purposes it will make a nice piece of scenery or mission objective.

Saturday 25 May 2019

AVP: Unleashed - Yautja gunship arrived

My Predator Gunship arrived.
3.7kg massive hulk of resin. The 2nd edition boxed game for size reference. An absolute beast.

This is a garage kit with just a few recasts until the mould wears out. Lucky to have gotten one.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Something Alien arrived

My latest ebay haul:

A Sedition Wars Dr. Ridley that will serve as base miniature to convert Ripley with Newt and something vintage to complement my Leading Edge Games Aliens Board Game. 

Saturday 11 May 2019

AvP: Unleashed - custom made Advanced Combat Deck

After I got my hands on the Advanced Combat Deck file that the playtesters of Prodos received during development of the game that now sadly went out of production, I had a go with them and created additional Resource Cards like those depicted in the rule book.
After a bit of work finding the right size to fit Prodos Games' card style and measurements I started a first print run. Here are my results with more details to follow.

Two decks to give both players one each. 

I have chosen to use different card backs so that the Advanced Combat Deck and the Resource Deck can be told apart from each other easily. 

Thickness of the card and measurements are exactly like the original game cards from Prodos. 

Resource Cards in the style of the Unleashed rule book example. The deck comes with 15.

The Advanced Combat Deck. 40 completely unique cards that are a mix of tactical, gear and equipment for either all or specific factions as determined by the symbols. 

Each deck has a total of 55 cards and a protective case. 

Wednesday 23 May 2018