Thursday 30 March 2017

Otomo Heavy Lance "Warhammer" Mech

Another addition for Alpha Strike.

"Unseen" Warhammer 'Mech, an old Ral Partha pewter miniature. Something different for a change. 😎


Saturday 25 March 2017

Veteran Terminator Squad Metallius

Names: Veteran Sergeant Metallius, Veteran Brothers Arrius, Pontius, Brutus and Augustus
Rank: Brother Veterans
Chapter: Adeptus Astartes ULTRAMARINES
Assignment: 1st Battle Company
Status: unknown....  Telepathic contact to chapter Strike Cruiser "Veritas" lost....

Sunday 12 March 2017

AVP: Lt. Linn Kurosawa from Prodos' "The Hunt Begins" boardgame

Lt. Linn Kurosawa ended up at my home despite being never purchased or pledged for. She was accidently packed into my delivery. Guess I was lucky!

She is a character of an old Capcom Arcade game and somehow reminds me of Street Fighter's Chun-Li - but with a Katana blade.

an artists' expression of the Linn Kurosawa character (not my work)

Friday 10 March 2017

AVP: Alien Warriors from Prodos' "The Hunt Begins" boardgame

The "Warrior" Aliens are one of the expansions of Prodos Games' AVP "The Hunt Begins" boardgame. When I pledged on kickstarter, I got myself 3 packs of these fine miniatures. I went for a classic, dark and metallic look on those. A little wash with a blue glaze (strongly thinned down) on top of the usual Nuln Oil gave them a nice finishing touch. Gloss varnish of Revell out of a spray can did the rest. 👍