Sunday, 20 February 2011

Modern US Army: M2 Bradley IFV (finally) finished

Congrats to myself - I finally finished the two Bradley that should have been part of last years "Big Build" challenge over at the Guild *roll-eyes*. Well, I didn't finish them in time (obviously) and therefore dropped out of the competition...However they are finished NOW :-p
This is a very old kit from Revell - it has far less detail then the Dragon one I've build together with it at the same time. The stowage you see above is form BlackDogCZ. You may have noticed I did use only 3-colour BDU (woodland and desert) and no ACU (digital camo pattern) camo for the stowage and kept the tankers in green overalls. I wanted the vehicles being universal purpose: from Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Normally that would have required to use the old "chocolate chip" 6-colour BDU, but I couldn't - as it would have been far outdated for Iraq after 2003.
The sister vehicle's left side. This is the better Dragon kit. Covered with stowage it really has the "Thunder Run" feeling to it.
Right side of the Revell Bradley. I will later add paper detail sets (of Water and Coke Bottle boxes) to the empty stowage bin.
Right side of the Dragon Bradley. The orange thing in the stowage bin is supposed to be a huge piece of cloth that would have been draped on top of the vehicle to show coalition aircraft that the tank is friendly - basicly to prevent friendly fire incidents (which in reality didn't work too well as there were quite a few).
The back of the Bradleys. I know - one has the wrong back hatch (the one of the M3 to be exactly). Cannot fix it anymore. I couldn't find out where the right one went to and therefore had to use the only available alternative.
Nice shot from the frontside. Note the lack of details on the Revell kit on the left.
The Commanders of the IFV are from RH Liberation. Green suits instead of camouflage. Most US tankers use these universal jumpsuits. The black helmet is the heavy kevlar variant to protect their head when un-buttoned.
Just some random shots from above and frontside...
Comments welcome!


Nick Grant said...

Well done, they look great.


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

These are fantastic! Amazing work!! Were the tracks difficult to attach? Ive not made a kit in years but may try now Ive seen these...thanks for sharing these.

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...


the revell's are plastic but go together fairly simple. The dragon's are vinyl, that is even more easy to assemble.

Sam said...

fantastic, a job well done

Josephus66AD said...

Did all the outside stowage come with the kits? I have a bunch of pre-done diecast vehicles in 1/76th scale. Any suggestions where I can get stowage accessories for them? Also, did you make the doors for the buildings? I am looking at Gamecraft buildings and they come without doors.Your work is very inspiring.

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...


the stowage comes from Black Dog CZ who sell various packs made from resin. S&S also do stowage bits in pewter.
The doors where part of the Stonewall building.

Bradley said...

very nice, they really do look great