Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ambush Valley Vietnam 1965-1975 Supplement: release in THIS year! UPDATED February 10, 2011

Gentlemen, Charly is somewhere out there.

Today it was announced that the supplement for Vietnam, which a lot of fans and gamers have had high hopes of re-release for, will be available in THIS year's October! While the first version of the book already had a 100+ fully coloured pages, the new release will be even bigger than that. And of course it comes with the expected Osprey quality and historical detail as well with stunning artwork and eye-candy above and beyond any other Vietnam rule set has offered before.

As Piers Brand (the author and Ambush Alley Games in-house painter and photographer) has put it:

"Can I just say that this book, compared to the original edition, is going to be something I suspect military historians interested in the period will purchase. Thanks to Joe Trevithick, my co-author on this one, we have quite possibly the first and complete, selection of T,O&Es for the period that collates around ten years of hard research work by Joe. This book will simply be a 'must have' for every Nam gamer. Its gonna be like no other. Add to that, 11 new scenarios, new rules in line with the new F-on-F edition and new pics and its gonna be something very special."

At this time it is available for pre-order through Amazon, but will also be through Osprey themselves, Ambush Alley Games themselves and bookdepository (uk).

UPDATE: February 10, 2011

Piers just gave me a list that I may provide for a preview of what sort of scenarios you can expect to get within Ambush Valley. Note that this is not final yet, there will be more than those!

1 - Battle of Ap Bac, 2nd January 1963
2 - First with Honour
4 - Enemy at the Gate, 31st January 1968
5 - Shutting the Barn Door, 1st February 1968
6 - Battle of Ban Houei Sane
7 - The Ben Cam Sweep, 28th November 1969
8 - Firefight along the Dong Nai, June 1969
9 - Battle of Binh Ba, 6th–8th June 1969
10 - Battle of Prey Veng 1970
11 - Patton of the South, Bien Hoa Highway, 1975
12 - Operation Tailwind, September 1970


Anonymous said...

That's good to hear. They're really a good supplement and deserve the 'Osprey Treatment'.

Looks to be an expensive year for books!

Ben said...

Oh hells yeah.