Saturday 27 July 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's reinforcements have arrived

I traded Mech figures with a buddy of mine and received a Thunderbolt and a Scorpion in exchange for what I gave him. These are Dougram models in 1/144 scale, really nice kits all together. I still have 15 more of them to build, to include Griffins, Shadow Hawks, Wolverines and Battlemasters.

It's going to be a little while until these will see paint but I assembled them and put them onto bases already. Thunderbolt got a minor re-pose ("walking" and right arm in firing position), a new hand and I added the missing SRM-2 rack to the model. Scorpion is stock (out of box) but I had to create a special base due to its wide stance. I could have gone with a bigger base diameter but our group puts all Mech less than 60 tons on small diameter bases.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Last Mech Standing...

I went to my best mate today, setting up an 6' by 4' table with some rocks, hills and forrest and having a nice afternoon with stomping each other's Recon Lances into the ground.

So, on a not further described planet surface the recon lance of House Kurita's First Sword Of Light met with House Davion's 3rd Crucis Lancier's scout force in a battle that left only one Mech standing.

Starting positions after we set up.
Swinging over to the right flank, I was trying to get as much forrest in between me and the advancing Crucis Lanciers. Note the dice colours: yellow for jumping Mechs, black for walking Mechs, red for those that ran. The allocated hexside of the dice resembles the current torso facing.
Ancient Star League technology trying to intercept the Davion Locust LCT-1V that tried to sneak behind my lines.
My Stinger and my Wasp in a desperate try to a) run away from a sharp-eyed Raven RVN-3L that was costing my force dearly and b) duelling themselves with the enemy Locust, costing it its Machine Guns in its right arm.
Although I kept hammering that Raven's back torso with my Wasp's SRM rack and pulse laser, the only thing I achieved was ripping its Beagle Active Probe out of its torso.
A little later, the four Mechs kept chasing each other with running moves from the large rock in the middle of the table to a small forrest. With my LCT-3M being more than capable to keep up with a RVN-3L, the Davion's heaviest Mech could not outrun me. Unfortunately I could not get rid of the 3rd Crucis Lancier's Locust that kept firing its laser and MGs at my STG-3R either.
The upgraded Pulse Laser technology taking its toll on the Davion Stinger 5M: Gyro critically hit!
The Raven, not giving up, endures round after round of laser fire incoming from front and back, trying to reach cover in dense wood.
Bad Luck! The Davion's took off the leg of my Stinger 3R, causing it to fall and damage its gyro in the barrage that followed the attack.
After a never-ending barrage of fire I finally was able to take out the hated Davion Raven. With no torso hit locations left it went down in flames. In the same round I lost the second arm of my Locust, resulting in an ammo explosion that due to CASE did not destroy my Mech.
The Davion Wasp 1A suffering a lucky hit that made its 40 rounds of left over SRM ammo go BOOOMM!!
At the end of the day the Star League's finest scout Mech is the match-winner, surrounded by burning chunks of metal.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Archer" finished

House Kurita's ARC-2K Archer - another repainted action figure
Minor reposing to resemble the look of the CBT scale plastic Archer.
Two LRM-15 launchers in the torso and two Large Lasers mounted in its arms.
Sashimono Samurai back banner and cherry blossom on the lids for the missile bays.
The action figure lacks a lot of the detail that plastic kit has, but at least its closer in scale with my other heavy Mechs.
Since my internet and phone line broke down last Friday evening I had a little time (read: no distraction) and spent it on the painting table, cleaning and priming 10 more 40k Space Marines and paint up the above. Ok, the Mech really only has gotten a quick paintjob without to many details being available on the miniature to begin with - but I kind of like it anyways. Maybe because I am an Archer fan?!