Sunday 25 August 2013

AVP: next Alien wave ready

Like I wrote in the previous posting with the Queen's figure, I spent the whole day painting bases for my miniatures. I totally finished 24 Aliens yesterday and here is the result:

"...impossible, that would be within the room!"
all mounted on 30mm Sulaco style bases made by Fenris Games
24 should be enough for the beginning. Playtesting will show if I need to paint some more.

AVP: Alien Queen

I played a lot of Colonial Marines on PS3 lately and was in the mood to keep advancing with my AVP project. So, I spent the whole day with painting up the last of my bases (30mm Sulaco style by Fenris Games, apart from the Queen which is mounted on a 65mm diameter base).

I was quite busy for the last four or five days, basicly working unitl the early morning hours on tables and cheat sheets for my AVP games. I had an inspiring moment when I found  a video on youtube about the 1989 Leading Edge Games board game "Aliens" which is completely based upon the movie with the same title.
The review was pretty nice and left me with the urgent wish to learn more about that game. Of course it is out of print since a long time ago and only from time to time you can find it on ebay. Whenever a copy of it pops up it usually sells for really high price.
But I am not interested in buying that board game, I was eager to learn how it works. I was able to find the rules online, was hooked after reading the first few pages and decided to convert into a classic tabletop game. Basicly that means: no board, but free movement and actions. It was easier than I thought to make that old board game a working frame for tabletop action in the Alien background universe. I am going to do some massive playtesting and I will let you know what I came up with when the time is right.

"Get away from her, bitch!"

Saturday 17 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Scorpion" finished

SCP-1N Scorpion for my 1st Sword of Light.
Anderson Armaments PPC and Marvel Six-Load SRM launcher.
Some people hate Quad-Mechs - I have yet to field one to find out why. :-)

Monday 12 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Warhammer" finished

Working hard to get my WHM-6R finished. 1st Sword Of Light is going to enjoy its company. *evil grin*

UPDATE 18.08.2013:

Friday 9 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: 1st TYR Rifleman tester DONE!

Free Rasalhague Republic's 1st TYR Rifleman 3N.
So, its done. Only one thing remains to do: decals for FRR and the 1st Tyr unit markings. Both are ordered but will take their time until they arrive at mine. I will post an updated picture once they are applied.

I love how the "glowing barrels" have turned out - I think I need to repeat that with some other Mechs!
The Rifleman's weak side with basicly non-existant amor *g
So, its done. I hope my best mate likes how it turned out. After all its going to be HIS Mech :-)

Thursday 8 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: 1st TYR Rifleman tester WIP (Highlights)

I finished the highlighting of the 1st TYR test scheme today. I used GW Enchanted Blue for the blue coloured parts and GW Adeptus Battle Grey for the grey panels.

I then applied some battle damages to the paintjob with Revell's Dust Grey.

I tried something new on this tester: glowing muzzles for Autocannons. Its done by painting red tones that get highlighted step by step using orange tones all the way up to a bright yellow. Afterwards I applied layers of washes (from darkest black-like tones to the brightest brown I had) to resemble the remains of fumes when shots are fired. 

Now the base has to be done and decals (will take weeks until they arrive) applied.

Hellblaue Akzente mit Enchented Blue, auf dem Grau mittels Adeptus Battle Grey. Alle Vertiefungen haben ein Pin Wash mit ArmyPainter Dark Tone erhalten.
Gefechtsschäden (abgeplatzte Farbe) mittels Revell Staubgrau. Die Metallflächen erhielten ein Wash mit ArmyPainter Dark Tone.
"Glühende Läufe" der AC/5: GW Mechrite Red, GW Blazing Orange, GW Fiery Orange, GW Sunburst Yellow. Dann Schmauchspuren aus Washes von Armypainter: erst Dark Tone, dann Strong Tone und dann am Schluss Soft Tone.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: 1st TYR Rifleman tester WIP (Grundfarben)

Grundfarben: GW Regal Blue für den Torso/Beine/Arme, GW Charadon Granite für Anbauten, Munitionskästen und einige Panele als Kontrast
I've applied the main colours to the 1st TYR test figure: GW regal blue for torso, arms and legs and GW charadon granite for some of the panels and the ammo boxes. Next step will be pin-washing the whole model (which takes forever), then adding detail and finally weathering and the barrels' final paintjob.

Monday 5 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: 1st TYR Rifleman tester WIP (cockpit)

Base: Tamiya Flat Earth, trockengebürstet mit Iraqi Sand von Vallejo, Cockpitglas mit GW Fortress Grey grundiert

Metallteile in GW Boltgun Metal, Heat Sinks in GW Tin Bitz
Cockpit Schritt 1: GW Blood Red auf alle Gläser der Kabinenhaube
Cockpit Schritt 2: in die oberen 2/3 der Gläser dreieckig GW Blazing Orange malen
Cockpit Schritt 3: ins oberste Drittel der Gläser dreieckig GW Fiery Orange malen, Kannonenläufe Tamiya X-32 Titanium Silver grundiert
Cockpit Schritt 4: sehr stark verwässertes GW Magenta Ink auf die Gläser auftragen. Dies verhilft zu Glanz und lässt die Farbverläufe weicher werden. Kannonenläufe mit GW Mithril Silver trockengebürstet.
Cockpit Schritt 5: GW Skull White, als Reflektionspunkt und Lichtspiegelung auftragen. Mit Black Ink die Cockpitgläser "einrahmen".

Sunday 4 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: more and more reinforcements have arrived

"Special Project": my best mate wants to get involved in N-scale Battletech and has chosen the Free Rasalhague Republic's 1st TYR as his unit. The RFL-3N Rifleman shown above is going to become a paint scheme test. The armless Warhammer 6R in the background is a WIP of just another Kurita mech.

The Cataphract 3D is going to reinforce House Davion by another 70tons (minor conversion: PPC replaced by multi-barreled Ultra AC/5 - old WH40K assault cannon), the Jenner 7D will be another scout Mech for my 1st Sword Of Light.
While this is not a Rifleman but a JagerMech and not a 1st TYR but a Wolf's Dragoons scheme, the concept art is what I will base the dark blue scheme of the Rifleman upon. I like how dark blue, grey and metal colour mixes with the alloy look of the barrels. I am pretty sure the RFL-3N is going to look awesome painted that way.