Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: 1st TYR Rifleman tester WIP (Highlights)

I finished the highlighting of the 1st TYR test scheme today. I used GW Enchanted Blue for the blue coloured parts and GW Adeptus Battle Grey for the grey panels.

I then applied some battle damages to the paintjob with Revell's Dust Grey.

I tried something new on this tester: glowing muzzles for Autocannons. Its done by painting red tones that get highlighted step by step using orange tones all the way up to a bright yellow. Afterwards I applied layers of washes (from darkest black-like tones to the brightest brown I had) to resemble the remains of fumes when shots are fired. 

Now the base has to be done and decals (will take weeks until they arrive) applied.

Hellblaue Akzente mit Enchented Blue, auf dem Grau mittels Adeptus Battle Grey. Alle Vertiefungen haben ein Pin Wash mit ArmyPainter Dark Tone erhalten.
Gefechtsschäden (abgeplatzte Farbe) mittels Revell Staubgrau. Die Metallflächen erhielten ein Wash mit ArmyPainter Dark Tone.
"Glühende Läufe" der AC/5: GW Mechrite Red, GW Blazing Orange, GW Fiery Orange, GW Sunburst Yellow. Dann Schmauchspuren aus Washes von Armypainter: erst Dark Tone, dann Strong Tone und dann am Schluss Soft Tone.

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