Sunday, 25 August 2013

AVP: Alien Queen

I played a lot of Colonial Marines on PS3 lately and was in the mood to keep advancing with my AVP project. So, I spent the whole day with painting up the last of my bases (30mm Sulaco style by Fenris Games, apart from the Queen which is mounted on a 65mm diameter base).

I was quite busy for the last four or five days, basicly working unitl the early morning hours on tables and cheat sheets for my AVP games. I had an inspiring moment when I found  a video on youtube about the 1989 Leading Edge Games board game "Aliens" which is completely based upon the movie with the same title.
The review was pretty nice and left me with the urgent wish to learn more about that game. Of course it is out of print since a long time ago and only from time to time you can find it on ebay. Whenever a copy of it pops up it usually sells for really high price.
But I am not interested in buying that board game, I was eager to learn how it works. I was able to find the rules online, was hooked after reading the first few pages and decided to convert into a classic tabletop game. Basicly that means: no board, but free movement and actions. It was easier than I thought to make that old board game a working frame for tabletop action in the Alien background universe. I am going to do some massive playtesting and I will let you know what I came up with when the time is right.

"Get away from her, bitch!"

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Jiaqi said...

Wow. These are some really really amazing works. Great AVP stuff man. It the first I have ever seen on a wargaming blog.

Great one man!