Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: more and more reinforcements have arrived

"Special Project": my best mate wants to get involved in N-scale Battletech and has chosen the Free Rasalhague Republic's 1st TYR as his unit. The RFL-3N Rifleman shown above is going to become a paint scheme test. The armless Warhammer 6R in the background is a WIP of just another Kurita mech.

The Cataphract 3D is going to reinforce House Davion by another 70tons (minor conversion: PPC replaced by multi-barreled Ultra AC/5 - old WH40K assault cannon), the Jenner 7D will be another scout Mech for my 1st Sword Of Light.
While this is not a Rifleman but a JagerMech and not a 1st TYR but a Wolf's Dragoons scheme, the concept art is what I will base the dark blue scheme of the Rifleman upon. I like how dark blue, grey and metal colour mixes with the alloy look of the barrels. I am pretty sure the RFL-3N is going to look awesome painted that way.


Fencig said...

Where does the Jenner and the Cataphract comes from ?
They look great.
( Same question for your Dragon... I'm so jealous...;o) )

Arquinsiel said...

They're MWO designs. Got a 3D printer around?

Fencig said...

Not yet but I think I'll buy one next year.

By the way congratulations for your blog : you're posting great things on two of my favorites genres: "Battletech" and "Aliens vs Marines, vs predators, vs anything you want" ;o)