Thursday 29 April 2010

Bringing the battlefield to life: Civilians, volume 2

Another base of civilians for the use in Ambush Alley/Force-On-Force. Again I used Dave's brilliant range of Afghani civilians and added a packhorse, taken from his WW2 range of German Gebirgsjäger (all by Britannia Miniatures).
The idea of the base was a family of traders, moving from village to village, selling their goods. They can also be used as a bunch of people, raising suspicion of the regulars, as all of them look in different directions as if they're scanning for somebody, one talks into his cellphone and if you look close you can even see that the guy leading the horse has an Ak-47 hidden underneath his cloak. Who knows what they carry in those baskets attached to their horse........

Modern US Army: second squad of infantry

As usual I used Liberation miniatures for my modern US Army soldiers. Not much to say about these latest figs I painted. It's a standard infantry squad with two fire teams of four riflemen each and one Sergeant to lead them. They have a mix of M4 with ACOG (x4) sights, AN/PEQ-2 laser illuminators, M203 grenade launcher and M249 SAW to give them a lot of fire power.

Modern US Army: FGM-148 Javelin team

My latest US Army weapons team consists of a FGM-148 Javelin gunner and his assistant.
The FGM-148 is a state-of-the-art "fire and forget" guided anti-tank missile. It is able to penetrate almost all modern armour and has the ability to strike the target from the top (most AFV have weak armour on the top).
It's also in wide use for asymetric warfare as the launcher unit has strong thermal night vision, being a good tool for recon at night in overwatch positions. Allied forces are also able to pound enemy strongpoints with high accuracy from a safe distance.
The figures are both from RH Liberation and based simply on a 40mm diameter washer.

Sunday 25 April 2010

Ultra-modern Russians: BTR-T and GRU special operations detachment

This BTR-T equipped (S&S models) GRU special operations detachment (RH Liberation figures) I bought a little while ago, second hand from Piers B. He is famous around many forums for a crisp and speedy brush-work on tons of miniatures. These he wanted off his shelves and I gave them a new, loving home XD. They have a variety of weapons, from Ak-74, SVD, RGP-7 to AKs and PKMs.
I will expand them with new models and vehicles one day. I have plans for Tunguska AA, T-90 MBT and some Vodniks.
Once I have a table for woodland/European settings, I might even game with them against my late 1990's German Bundeswehr.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Bundeswehr ISAF: Waffenträger Wiesel 1 tanks with 20mm MK and TOW

After a whole afternoon of work my two Waffenträger Wiesel 1 light tanks are ready for gaming. They were painted in standard Nato 3-tone camo with Tamiya's Acrylic paint. Once I was done, I washed the whole vehicles with some thinned Devlin Mud (GW) and let it dry.
The ISAF decals are from Peddinghouse Decals and I carefully applied a few here and there. The Wiesels I have seen on pictures are all really dirty and dust covers every inch of them, hence I drybrushed the hull and tracks with a lot of Vallejo Iraqi Sand for a worn look.
The crew was painted the same way as the rest of my modern Revell Germans. For the small flags attached to the antennas I simply used MS paint and then printed them, cut them out and glued them into place.

Thursday 8 April 2010

Team Razor in detail:

MSgt Matt Cooper, nicknamed "Coops"
SSgt Randy Sykes, nicknamed "Ice Cold"
SSgt Brian O'Hara, nicknamed "Scarlet"
Sgt Chad Rodriguez, nicknamed "Robo"
1stSgt Patrick Miles, nicknamed "Eightball"

Team "Razor" (pc game ARMA 2 characters in 20mm)

Above you see the characters of the Bohemia Interactive pc game ARMA 2.
They are forming Team "Razor" which the player assumes command over when playing the campaign. They are a small but elite recon unit of the USMC's Force Recon Battalion.
All miniatures above are RH Liberation 20mm figs, who were heavily converted with green stuff to add pouches, rucksacks and detail were necessary. Some headswaps were done as well but yet all parts are Liberation only.
This awesome work was done for me by Rob, again commissioned to create something out of the ordinary and as you can all see he has done a fine job!

Wednesday 7 April 2010

A little in-between WIP: German Wiesel 1 tanks for ISAF (dedicated to Shaun!!)

These models I got from Shaun (S&S models) - he made them after enough people were begging for them. :-)
That's a German light tank Wiesel 1, one with 20mm MK and the other with TOW launcher and MG3. Shaun is the only one selling this vehicle in braille scale.
They are simple 1/76 scale resin kits with a few pewter parts. However, that was too simple for me - conversion madness here we came and what you see is the effort of 8 hours of work.
I cannibalized an old Revell Luchs kit for the MG3 and other bits like the headlights or the spade seen on the side. Crew came from MIG Products and they are made out of resin. Cupolas I had to drill out first and then add hatches made from thin plastic card (~0,5mm). I have added a Revell Bundeswehr soldier for scale to my pictures.
Now I only need to paint them for ISAF in Afghanistan.

Friday 2 April 2010

Some work in progress for April 2010

Some progress on the infantry I need to complete until the end of April for a contest at The Guild forum.

From left to right

back row: US Army squad (M4 rifles, M249 SAW, M203, two fire teams / one squad leader)
middle row: civilians for AA/FoF (a couple, two traders, one pack-horse), three US Army soldiers with M136 launcher (AT-4), a "wounded/dependent" marker for the same game.
front row: Javelin ATGM weapons team.

US Army soldiers are a mix of Britannia and Liberation miniatures, the wounded are plastics by Forces Of Valor and the civilians are Britannia only.