Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ultra-modern Russians: BTR-T and GRU special operations detachment

This BTR-T equipped (S&S models) GRU special operations detachment (RH Liberation figures) I bought a little while ago, second hand from Piers B. He is famous around many forums for a crisp and speedy brush-work on tons of miniatures. These he wanted off his shelves and I gave them a new, loving home XD. They have a variety of weapons, from Ak-74, SVD, RGP-7 to AKs and PKMs.
I will expand them with new models and vehicles one day. I have plans for Tunguska AA, T-90 MBT and some Vodniks.
Once I have a table for woodland/European settings, I might even game with them against my late 1990's German Bundeswehr.

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Monty said...

Impressive stuff, Chris - as always mate!

All the best,