Thursday, 29 April 2010

Modern US Army: second squad of infantry

As usual I used Liberation miniatures for my modern US Army soldiers. Not much to say about these latest figs I painted. It's a standard infantry squad with two fire teams of four riflemen each and one Sergeant to lead them. They have a mix of M4 with ACOG (x4) sights, AN/PEQ-2 laser illuminators, M203 grenade launcher and M249 SAW to give them a lot of fire power.

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Monty said...

Love 'em, Chris!

Just started an Ambush Alley project, but after much deliberation I decided to go for 15mm (not 100% convinced I did the right thing, though as I like 20mm)for a variety of reasons and am busy scratch-building structures etc - more to follow, mate!

Best wishes,