Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A little in-between WIP: German Wiesel 1 tanks for ISAF (dedicated to Shaun!!)

These models I got from Shaun (S&S models) - he made them after enough people were begging for them. :-)
That's a German light tank Wiesel 1, one with 20mm MK and the other with TOW launcher and MG3. Shaun is the only one selling this vehicle in braille scale.
They are simple 1/76 scale resin kits with a few pewter parts. However, that was too simple for me - conversion madness here we came and what you see is the effort of 8 hours of work.
I cannibalized an old Revell Luchs kit for the MG3 and other bits like the headlights or the spade seen on the side. Crew came from MIG Products and they are made out of resin. Cupolas I had to drill out first and then add hatches made from thin plastic card (~0,5mm). I have added a Revell Bundeswehr soldier for scale to my pictures.
Now I only need to paint them for ISAF in Afghanistan.

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Hetairoi said...

Hard work but, they look soooo cute! ;-)