Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bringing the battlefield to life: Civilians - Afghani Goatherder and wife

2010 kicks off with a brand new Build over at the Guild forum and for most of my individual tasks (that's how we named the single entries we have to do every two month) I will need civilians, too. Civilians add a lot to Ambush Alley or Force-On-Force games as the bases they are mounted on do block line of sight and you also have to roll a dice to see if your units might have caused civilian casualties if you fire weapons near by. The latter might transform a harmless civilian mob into a mob of frenzied civis grabing their AKs to get revenge. On top of that they just look gorgeous as they really bring a tabletop game to life. Most cities or settlements are never completely deserted when the fighting kicks off and with these lovely Britannia Miniatures the games will look even better. The miniatures above are all out of one set: Goat herder, wife and five goats. You can find those in Dave's 20mm Afghan range of miniatures.

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