Sunday, 23 May 2010

Desert Storm era US Army: M163 VADS finished

The M163 Vulcan Air Defense System that I bought as a true bargain for just 2 € off ebay is finally finished. It was quite challenging to turn the already built (and how crappy assembled it was!!) model into a wargaming model, worth a gamer's look.
For such a cheap kit it turned out to look better than I first thought it will. My kudos go to Shaun who presented me with the nice vehicle commander in the pic above. His US tanker miniatures are perfect for the Desert Storm era. I gave the model my standard treatment for US desert camo and some subtle weathering. Nothing special but I quite like it.


Hetairoi said...

Your vehicles are awesome... Perfect work, as always!

Monty said...

Great stuff, Chris - I really like the 20mm scale and may move over to it in due course.

Nice one, mate.