Thursday, 15 September 2011

A note from Andy Grubb (regarding Britannia and other stuff)

Hi guys, just passing on this message as I know quite a lot of you are waiting:

by Piers » 15 Sep 2011 12:49

Spoke to the Grubster last night...He wanted me to pass on a message to everyone, especially here on The Guild.

Firstly he wanted to pass on a big 'thanks' for everyones support and patience with him while he is sorting things out. He really appreciates it.Secondly, to those waiting for orders - He aint forgotten you! Everyones orders will get there he is working through the pile... and its a big pile!

I also wanted to say something myself. Having know Andy for, must be nearly 15 years since I first spoke to him at Wargamer in Aston many moons ago, he is one of the old cut of traders. The reason Dave wanted him to take on Britannia was that they were cut from the same cloth im my opinion. If you are waiting on stuff - You will get it. Andy is working through a backlog generated by an overwhelming response that he didnt expect to get, on top of a busy show schedule and sorting out all the Britannia stuff. To give you an idea of the scope of that, he still hasnt moved everything from Britannia and he still hasnt sorted all the moulds out! Andy wont mention it himself, but he has been working till 1am and 2am most nights trying to get everything done, sort out Britannia, cast and mould and attend shows... Oh and have a life too! Not too mention getting a second website finished! Anyway, I just wanted to pass that on and say he is still cracking on and its all going well. He still has alot of hard graft to do... but he is getting there. We also discussed the African Militia figures that Dave sculpted and sent me. Andy hasnt as yet found the mould for these, nor the other BAOR releases that Dave had ready just before he passed away. If the African mould dont turn up, I have offered my test-casts that Dave sent me to be used as masters. Hopefully that will work out. It would be nice tribute to Dave to get his unreleased work available for people to enjoy.

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Allan and Carmen said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I just placed an order last night but am in no hurry. I have a mountain of unpainted lead here :)