Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Hatamoto Chi" WIP part 1

 Next Mech ready to deploy (apart from Sword Of Light decals not yet added): 80 ton HTM-27T "Hatamoto Chi".
 Left arm sporting a Tiegart PPC. Note the back banner that I have added, using a plastic part from Zvezda's 1/72 samurai box.
 Detail of the right arm: Katana sword (custom variant, the HTM-27T normally doesn't have one) and a second Tiegart PPC.
 Details of the back include the banner (sashimono) and sword+flame emblem of House Kurita's elite regiments.
Front shot reveals the two torso mounted Bical SRM-6 Missile Racks and the cherry blossom theme that I am trying to add to all Kurita Mechs so they don't end up being simply painted red all around.

Off to the painting table. The Coordinator needs more war machinery!


Muncehead said...

Beautiful work - this and the Atlas look great.

Nadav Igra said...

I think these will benefit from some painted light and shadow. They look sort of flat. I've read somewhere that larger scale miniatures need more descriptive illusionistic painted light to make them look good.

Muncehead said...

The paint scheme has made me dig out my Draconis Combine book and I am tempted to go with 1st or 7th Ghost regiments (base very light grey almost white with dragon scales around torso/limbs for 1st Ghost, metallic chain for 7th Ghost) - my Dragon mechs should look quite effective. As to cammo schemes? They are huge mechs.... how the hell do you hide one of those in any case?