Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Kurita's "Longbow" finished

Another repainted 3" Exo Squad figure, now acting as House Kurita's "LGB-0W Longbow" Mech.

Compared to House Davion's Longbow I decided to have this one's missile bays closed. That allows me to show off with some really nice, large scale Kurita dragon crests.

The left "arm" sports the Sword of Light emblem. The huge tube-like arms include a Sian/Ceres LRM-20 system. 
The back shot reveals various heat sinks and the Sashimono back banner which I add to all of my Sword Of Light Mechs.
The Longbow is a popular missile support platform, bombing the enemy lines from a great distance. Not really made to go into a fight face to face with enemy Mechs, it rather stays behind and fires salvo after salvo of long ranged missiles. With 85 tons the Longbow is one of the heavier Mechs I plan to use with my Kurita force. Bear with me, more units are on the painting table! So many figures - so little time :-(


Anonymous said...

Lovely… really like the Kurita enblems on the launcher covers!

The Worker said...

Longbows are a right pain. This one is amazingly well painted (as always). Which Sword of Light unit is that? The one that always leaps to my mind is 2nd Sword of Light...

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

@The Worker: 2nd Sword Of Light Regiment.