Saturday, 16 November 2013

Battle For Skira: USMC "Gators" (AAVP7A1) WIP #1

After finishing off the AH-1Z my next project for the "Battle For Skira" campaign is some ground vehicles. I picked my AAVP7A1 amtracks, call-sign "Gator", to be the next in line.

The models are one Dragon die-cast, expanded with EAAK made from resin (Black Dog CZ), and two Dragon Amtracks w/EAAK kits that got single pieces of stowage from Black Dog and other brands (S&S for example) glued all over the place. :-)

The diecast and one of the plastic kits are shown below in various stages of the current build. I need to assemble the next kit and will start painting when all are completely assembled.


Sithlord2 said...

Very nice work! I used to ride in one of those, only it was desert camo instead!


Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

I am thinking about having the EAAK on some of them in desert color. It will be a nice contrast to the NATO three-tone.