Tuesday, 8 April 2014

AVP: upgrading my miniature collection with exclusive kickstarter miniatures.

I am not dead. Not at all. Thanks to private life my time for the hobby was limited to Sunday afternoons of playing.

Anyway, here is an update of the things to come:

I am one of those that pledged on the AVP kickstarter that was released last year by Prodos Games. I have now completed my survey and placed my order, based upon my pledge level and additional free items. Here is what should arrive in May:

Pledge: Real aliens ain't from mars
Included & Free items ( showing amount )
A Royal Guard x1 ( 1 )
KS P Berserker ( 1 )
AVP Game (Box) ( 1 )
Facehuggers x7 ( 1 )

Picked 100k stretch item/s:
Stalkers ("Pet Hybrids") x5

Picked 155k stretch item/s:
Predator Hellhound x1

Picked 310k stretch item/s:
Half synthetic (Obj. Marker of a cut-in-half Bishop character) x4

Add ons
Extra bits (3heads, 4 guns) ( 1 )
Predator Hellhounds x2 ( 1 ) 
Female Predator  Warrior x1 ( 1 )
Crusher Alien x1 ( 1 )
Predalien x1 ( 1 )
Royal Guard x1 ( 1 )
Weyland-Yutani Commandos (whole five men squad) ( 2 )
Power Loader x1 ( 1 )
The pic above shows a pre-production test piece of how the game board will look like

Predator Warriors, Stalkers, Marines, Crusher Alien (the large one), Royal Guard and Predator as well as Predator Hellhounds unpainted.
Together with my existing Aliens, Marines and Predators, my Drop Ship and APC this should one day lead to a fantastic tabletop wargame of AvP.
I also couldn't resist in ordering these:

I can already hear somebody crying "Get to tha choppa!" ;-)

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