Sunday, 9 November 2014

A project of epic dimensions: armored transports

After real life has taking its toll over the last couple of days, progress was rather small. Nonetheless, core formation #1 has been finished by now, with painting its transport tanks.

Again, these are models by Onslaught Miniatures which will "count as" Devilsfish transports.

The core formation of "Firewarriors".

I have raised the whole tank (which is a skimmer) with stripes of plastic card.
Not sure if the large recesses on the side panels are supposed to be windows but I decided to paint them as such.
Even the rear ramps have vision slits.
I didn't go with camo on those transports but I was thinking about adding some to the battle tanks that share the same chassis.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Really nicely painted - very neat detail. A great look force!