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AvP: The Hunt Begins - new (improved) rules leak‬ update

From Prodos' PlayTest Facebook Group:

Jay Jong wrote
Day 10, ‪#‎RulesLeak‬
Get ready all of you hunters in the dark, devourers of worlds… Let the assimilation begin, with the Xenomorph’s Force Organization! This is a Player’s ‪#‎Force‬. Before we get started, I should inform you that our estimate is that a “small” Force consists of around 250 points, while a medium force would consist of around 375 points and a large force would have 500 points or more. The point limit is actually up to you, and your available hobby/gaming time!

1) Firstly, you have your powerful HQ. You have two slots (1 minimum), and your HQ cannot exceed 50% of your total points allowance. So, for a 200 point list, you cannot have over 100 points of HQ units.
-Queen: Takes two Slots, and costs 97 points.
-Praetorian: Takes no Slots, and costs 73 points. It can only be taken If you have also included a Queen in your list (minor changes to profile, to differ from Guard)
-Predalien: Takes one Slot, and costs 70 points.
-Evolved Warriors: 1-2 Warriors take one Slot, and cost 42 points each (profile more or less similar to starting edition of Warriors)

2) Then, of course, you have your trusty Troops! You have no slot restrictions, but you must include at least 50% of your total points in Troops.
-Warriors: Each costs 24 points. No restrictions.
-Infants: Each costs 10 points. You must include at least 5 Infants in your list.
-Stalkers: Each costs 6 points. You may include up to half the total number of Infants and Warriors in your list, rounding fractions up (if you have 10 Infants and 3 Warriors, you may include up to 6,5->7 Stalkers)
-Facehuggers: Each costs 4 points. You may include up to half the total number of Infants and Warriors in your list, rounding fractions up (if you have 10 Infants and 3 Warriors, you may include up to 6,5->7 Facehuggers)

3) Your invaluable Support comes next, to spice things up! You have no slot restrictions, but you may include up to 25% of your point allowance in Support. Choose carefully!
-Royal Guards: Each costs 57 points. No restrictions.
-Crushers: Each costs 88 points. No restrictions.

A sample small Force, the “Horde” style (my style ) would consist of:
-1 Evolved Warrior
-10 Infants
-2 Warriors
-6 Facehuggers
-6 Stalkers
-None (I want to swamp'em!!!)

And that’s a whopping 25 Models (26 Wounds) on such a short point allowance!

Day 11, ‪#‎RulesLeak‬
Well citizens, welcome at bootcamp! I don’t care who you were or what you did before, right here you are Marines, and the man next to you is all you’ve got. Respect the chain of command, or it’s Game Over.
The USCM are having a parade today. Let’s have a look at the disposition of the ‪#‎Force‬

1) The Marines have 1-2 HQ slots, which can be filled by any of the following options:
-Dutch, 71 pts. (1 Slot)
-Lynn, 55 pts. (1 Slot. If you also include Dutch, they occupy a single Slot total)
-Officer (W/Y Commando Captain 52, USCM Captain/Major/Colonel 48/60/71). Your Officer must take one CC Weapon and one RS Weapon.
*CCW: Knife/"Better" Knife/"Even Better" Knife (fancier names) 0/2/5 points
*RSW: Shotgun/Rifle&’nade/"Better" Rifle&’nade (fancier names) 14/5/9 points

2) Your trusty Troops are filled by the Marines and Commandos, and it’s 1-5 Slots.
-Colonial Marine Squad 113 pts (2 Rifle, 1 Rifle & Motion, 1 Smartgun, 1 Medic/Flamer). May add up to 3 extra Marines with Rifle, 19 pts each. May add Sarge with Shotgun for 38 pts. 1 Slot
-Wayland-Yutani Commandos 168 pts (2 Rifle, 1 Rifle & Motion, 1 Smartgun, 1 Medic/Flamer). May add up to 3 total extra Commandos (0-3 with Rifle 30pts, 0-2 with Smartgun 36pts)

3) The USCM Support comes in the form of Power Loaders and Sentry Guns, with 0-3 Slots.
-Power Loader 67 pts. Each Power Loader takes up one slot.
-Sentry Gun Squad. The squad consists of 1-3 Sentry Guns, for 9 pts each. You may include up to one Squad for each Colonial Marines Squad in your Force.

So, a small Marine Force would consist of:
HQ: USCM Captain (Knife/Rifle)
Troops: 6 USCM + 1 Sergeant
Support: 3 Sentry Guns
And would stand toe to toe with the multitudes of last update’s Xenomorphs coming their way. Spray and pray Marines.

Day 12, ‪#‎RulesLeak‬
Gather your instruments of War, fellow Hunters! Raise your fists and salute the young ones who now earned their Mark. The great serpents lie slain, the challenge now complete.
Before we start with today’s Leak, I must reveal the new wording to the Sentry Action. This is a ‪#‎RulesRedesign‬
By some freak accident (or Mother’s malfunction) this change was not communicated to you:
“Extended Action Sentry (A) - Place a Sentry token next to the model and end the model’s activation.

Immediately after a model is chosen to be activated, or immediately after a model completes a basic or extended action, you may choose to use any Sentry tokens you have previously placed on your models. Discard a sentry token on one of your models in order to allow that model to use one of the following actions: Move, Shooting, Close Combat, Pass. If more than one Model is chosen to expend their Sentry tokens, then Players take turns based on Initiative expending one Model’s Token at a time. After the chosen Models complete using their Sentry Tokens, the Model whose activation was interrupted may continue as normal.”

Today, the Hunt Begins for the Predators. This is a Predator ‪#‎Force‬
1) The Predators respect the commands of their Elders. You have 1-2 slots and may pick your Elders.
-Predator Warrior Elder, 63 points. 1 slot. Must choose either one Stick variant (cc) and a Wrist Dart (rs) or one Disc variant (both ranged and CC).
-Predator Hunter Elder, 63 points. 1 slot. Armed with a Wrist Blade and a choice of one Plasma Weapon. Hunter Restriction.
-Predator Berserker Elder, 82 points. 2 slots. Armed with a Feral Combi-Stick and may pick one Plasma weapon.

*Each Elder is 0-1.
They may choose from the following list:
CC^ Wrist Blade (2 pts)
CC^ Combi-Stick (6 pts)
CC^ Relic Combi-Stick (9 pts)
RS^ Wrist Dart (1 pt)
RS^ Plasma Caster (11 pts)
RS^ Gattling Plasma Caster (14 pts)
RS^ Plasma Cannon (15 pts)
Dual^ Smart Disc (15 pts)
Dual^ Relic Smart Disc (17 pts)

2) The Hunt happens in Packs. However, packs got unpacked and each Pack consists of one model, unless otherwise specified. You may select 2-6 Hunt Packs.
-Predator Warrior. Smart Disc 63 points, Combi-Stick & Wrist Dart 56 points.
-Predator Hunter. 61 points. Hunter Restriction.
-Predator Berserker. 78 points. 2 slots. (Feral Combi-Stick & Gatling Plasma Caster)
-Predator Youngblood Pack. 35 points. Consists of 1 Youngblood armed with a Wrist Blade and Wrist Dart. You may add one extra Youngblood (Blade/Dart) for 35 points. You may also add one extra Youngblood (Stick/Dart) for 38 points. 1 slot regardless of the number of models.
-Hellhounds Pack. 1 slot regardless of models. Consists of 1-6 hellhounds, 9 points each. Hellhound Restriction.
*Hunter Restriction: You may include one Hunter or Hunter Elder for each Warrior or Warrior Elder you have included in your Force
*Hellhound Restriction: You may include one Hellhound Pack for each Hunter or Hunter Elder you have included in your Force.

3) Vocal Mimicry. You may add any number of Vocal Mimicry Tokens (2 points each), up to the total number of Predator Models (not including hellhounds) you have included in your Force. The Vocal Mimicry Tokens do not take any slots.

So, a Small Predator Force of up to 250 points would be:
1 Warrior Elder, armed with a Relic Smart Disc
1 Hunter
2 Youngbloods (1 with Blades, 1 with Stick)
3 Hellhounds
4 Vocal Mimicry Tokens
Take their spines!

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