Sunday, 16 April 2017

Otomo Heavy Lance finished, group shot

By favourite demand:

Company A, 1st Battalion

Heavy Lance

From left to right:
Tai-i (= Captain) Gyo Chu in a "Warhammer"
Chu-i (= Lieutenant) Imazeki Shobo in an "Archer"
Heishi (= Private) David Lin in a "Thunderbolt"
Heishi (= Private) Emmet Casey in a "Crusader"


Wouter said...

That's one fantastic looking lance!
While they obviously belong together as a group, you also managed to put on enough individual traits to make them more characterful too.

What system do you play? Classic or Alpha Strike?

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

Thank you. I will use them in both, but mostly for Alpha Strike.

Hazza31B said...

Beautiful work

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

Thanks, guys!