Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy "Mad Dog" Prime

The second one of my finished Ral Partha Europe Museum Scale Mechs is the "Mad Dog" Clan OmniMech.
It's going to reinforce the Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy with some long range firepower. This model is a re-based multi-part pewter miniature.

The Mad Dog is a heavy Clan OmniMech used for long-range indirect fire support. With hunched shoulders, a protruding head, and reverse-jointed legs, the Mad Dog resembles a vulture, so much so that it was codenamed Vulture and Hagetaka ("Vulture" in Japanese) by the Inner Sphere forces which first encountered it. The name also fits the battlefield role of the Mad Dog; the main role of the Mad Dog is to act as a support 'Mech, and it often holds a hill maintaining constant watch over the entire battlefield, like a vulture waiting for its prey. With its ample firepower and decent speed of 86.4 km/h, it makes a highly mobile firing platform, and as such has spread to near ubiquity among the forces deployed by the Clans.
I really like the Museum Scale pewter kits as they have an awesome amount of detail and really nice panel lines. This kit was painted, using a combination of GW colours and oil paints.
This side shot reveals detail of the arm mounted combo of Large and Medium Pulse Lasers.

Mounted to the shoulder, left and right of the cockpit are the huge LRM-20 racks.
The Mech's pilot has a rather small cockpit, but mounted high on top of the torso it also provides a good view over the battlefield.

The Mad Dog's back shows the large ammo storage in its shoulders the heat sink ports.


Nick Grant said...

That looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Lovely... your Battletech posts always remind me of the good old days when I sued to play Battletech!

BTW: If I look hard enough I might find the Bandai (or Macross) Wasp I build 15 or so years ago. Is that of any interest to you?

Thomas said...

Yeah! Me like it too! Where did you get those decals?


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

Now I am scared... even in 20mm scale that thing would be death on legs

Arquinsiel said...

They say "indirect fire support" but what they mean is "these missiles have no minimum range, punch holes with the LPL and then crit-seek up close" :p

Storyteller said...

Again a superb work of yours. Keep it coming! :-)