Monday, 3 September 2012

AVP: Colonial Marines P-3500 Power Loader finished

The finished Power Loader with its "not Ripley" pilot in place.
The name of the model on the base for my forth-coming AVP rules. All items and models will have names attached based upon the Alien & Predator background universe.

I have added some of my Battletech decals for warning labels. Paint chipping was done using the sponge technique and boltgun metal.

Some hazard stripes have been painted to the loaders' "fork" claws. Heavily chipped go give them a worn and used look.

Although not as cool as the movies' P-5000, I am rather pleased how my conversion has turned out. Now my "not Ripley" is ready to tackle some Xenomorph mommy. "Leave her alone, bitch!"
Ok, this evenings' painting session was interupted by watching "Expendables 2", so you had to wait a little longer. I finished the P-3500 Work Loader to include the pilot figure and put it all together. Paint chipping, drybrushing, adding decals etc. all has been done now.
I know its not a perfect match of the movies famous Power Loader, but for an US $8 model with minor cosmetical conversions it turned out really well I'd say.

I drybrushed and highlighted the miniature with adding some white to my base colour and made one more pin-wash with Devlin Mud. I then picked up a piece of an old sponge (from a blister pack made by GW) and used it to dab on spots of chipped paint using boltgun metal.

Last step was adding some decals (from my Battletech stuff) to give the Power Loader an industrial look. Hazard stripes on the "fork" claws add further detail.

Let me know what you think!

PS: the forward leaning pose is intentional - it has something to do with the Power Loader being in base-to-base contact with another particularly huge model and a famous scene from Aliens, taking place in a docking bay ;-)

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Gowan James Ditchburn said...

that is one mean machine (did I spell that wrong) great work and cant wait to see the next bit of the project