Sunday, 2 September 2012

AVP: Colonial Marines P-3500 Power Loader WIP (2)

The white area with hazard stripes on the base is part of a docking bay door.

The brown on the harness will get another brownish layer of paint and is in the end supposed to be looking like leather seats of a car.

I'll be adding oil stains on the hydraulics for a more realistic look.

The dome-shaped thingy on top of the roll cage is the blinking light of the Power Loader, I just don't know yet if its going to be red or orange.
Some WIP shots from last night. Base colours are done, next step will be dirt, weathering, markings, decals and the pilot obviously. Please note that the roll bar is NOT attached in its final position. Its only loosly placed for the pics. The Fenris base also isn't complete yet.

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