Wednesday, 6 February 2013

AVP: "Eager Youth" Predator Youngblood

"Eager Youth" is the youngest of my Predators. With his first trophy he now claims membership among his clan's blooded warriors.
The miniature is a complete repaint of one of the AVP Horrorclix figures included in the Predator set. The base once again comes from Fenris Games.
I went with glossy black for the Xenomorph trophy, flat black for the dreadlocks and bronze/iron mixture on all Predator metal surfaces. I think it looks pretty good the way it is.
The face of the miniature wasn't that nicely sculpted, but I still tried to represent the colours of the open mouth with its manibles as seen in the movies. It adds a little colour to the whole warrior. 
This is the first time ever that I had to paint Predator skin. Looking at pics around the net gave me so many variations, that I decided to go with a base tone of khaki that was highlighted on muscle packs with two colours and finally toned down with watered down Armypainter Soft Tone. I will try to make the next Yautja a little brighter.
I tried to resemble the red blinking letters in Predator language on the controls for the Cloaking Device on "Eager Youth's" left arm.
So here it is now - my first ever painted Predator figure. I never had painted one before so this was quite challenging. There is so many pics and variations of the skin pattern around the net, that picking a suitable one wasn't that easy.
In the end I just painted away and added or washed over on the go.
Based upon Vallejo Khaki, that was highlighted with GW Kommando Khaki and finally GW Dheneb Stone, it was finished off by painting the sprinkles with GW Scorched Brown, before being washed over with heavily thinned Armypainter Soft Tone.
The mouth was highlighted with Vallejo Medium Flesh followed by GW Dwarf Flesh and finally GW Tentacle Pink. Teeth were done with GW Iyanden Dark Sun, Bleached Bone and finally Skull White. Same colours were picked for the nails on the fingers, which are almost claw-like.
The metal furfaces where basecoated in GW Tin Bitz before being highlighted with Revell Iron/Eisen and toned down with a wash of Armypainter Strong Tone.
All leather was done with Vallejo Saddle Brown and highlighted with GW Bestial Brown before receiving a wash with Armypainter Strong Tone.
The Xenomorph head (trophy) was painted Tamiya Flat Black, highlighted with GW Shadow Grey and its teeth with Boltgun Metal. I then coated it with the old GW Black Ink to give the upper part a shiny and glossy finish.
The spear was painted in Revell Iron/Eisen and Armypainter Weapon Bronze before being inked with Dark Tone.
The lettering on the cloaking device control pad was done in three steps: GW Crimson Gore, Blood Red and Fiery Orange.

I like how it turned out but I will replace the Khaki basecoat for the skin with something brighter on my next try.


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

I find this figure quite spectacular! he certainly looks heroic! nice work!

PMMDJ said...

Great work on the skin, I've been struggling with the same myself.

Cheech said...


Nice work! It looks very good.

I wanted to do something like that myself, but i only do 1/72 scale, and all available ones are bigger or larger.

Copplestone Castings are too big and QRF are too small :(

Do you maybe know someone who produces Predator in 72nd scale?

Thanks, Tomislav